Staffing offers affordable reliable administrative platforms to sustain and grow your creative vision, practice and presentations.

DRC works with you to articulate infrastructure needs and provides independent administrative support who works directly with you between 1/8 and 1/4 time per week.  DRC staff provides professional guidance, nurtures the success of each relationship, and supports professional development.

Administrative support on an annual basis

Develop a trusting relationship to address ongoing needs like fundraising, booking support, marketing, tour management, etc.

⅛  time annually – $4,000
¼ time annually  – $5,200
DRC Staffing made it possible for me to get high quality part-time administrative assistance without the burden of the hiring process. I’ve found DRC’s Staffing program to be a great value in providing just the right amount of assistance to stretch our organizational capacity.

Amy Campion

Artistic Director, Antics

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Administrative & managerial staff for a specific project or a period of time

Get help for 3 or 6 months focusing on a project, campaign, or specific need like a festival, home season, fundraising event, staff absence, etc.

6 months

⅛  time 6 months – $2,600
¼ time 6 months  – $3,300

3 months

⅛  time 3 months – $1,500
¼ time 3 months  – $2,000
DRC Staffing has been a godsend to my company. The program has given me energy and enthusiasm to keep building my organization through focused administrative support.

Donna Sternberg

Artistic Director, Donna Sternberg & Dancers

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The Latina Dance Theater Project and now The BlakTina Dance Festival has been using DRC’s Staffing for over 4 years. The program is essential in addressing the thousands of administrative details it takes to run a non-profit these days which frees me to look towards the larger picture of guiding our festival and dance co. into the future!

Licia Perea

Artistic Director, Latina Dance Project


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